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HEDP Preliminary study on water treatment chemicals market

2015-06-22 02:00:39

In "China's circular cooling water treatment for 30 years" in the text, on China's water treatment chemicals industry, especially the circulating cooling water treatment industry analysis and summary of touching, as a junior also feel is necessary and responsible for the development of the industry put forward meaningful insights.
Thirty years of sustained and rapid growth of the national economy and industry colleagues to the diligent and tireless efforts, support water treatment chemicals industry rapid development, we proud. As the water treatment chemicals industry continues to expand, the upgrade of customer demand, the continuous improvement of technology and the social comprehensive progress influences and determines the factors of the healthy and sustainable development of the industry will continue to increase, so the water treatment chemicals industry analysis, the water treatment chemicals marketing carbon and event has attracted more and more attention. 2003 Qiandao Lake Conference I do "China water treatment chemicals industry competition pattern analysis and Prospect of report, over the years has been the industry Tongren sympathy and recognition, deeply pleased and encouraged. This is to cast a brick to attract jade, of our country water treatment chemicals market marketing present situation and the trend to carry on the preliminary discussion, hope to healthy and sustainable development of the industry to make modest. The level of limited and the industry market information is not comprehensive, the shortage of the industry colleagues.
In 1986, to the caliber of the unified fine chemical products, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, development of fine chemical industry, and as the future planning, programming, and statistical basis, China Ministry of chemical industry of fine chemical products classification do Interim Provisions, the fine chemical products is divided into 11 categories, water treatment chemicals belonging to the nine categories: catalyst and special additives in the fifth, namely, water treatment agent, including water quality stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor, water softener, sterilization, algae removal agents, flocculating agents and so on.
Water treatment chemicals (water treatment agent) is the industrial water, domestic water, sewage treatment process must be used in a variety of chemical agents. Its main role is control water scale, sludge formation, reduce corrosion of materials in water, removal of suspended solids in the water and toxic and harmful substances, deodorization and decolorization, deoxidization, softening and stable water quality regulation etc.. Mainly includes the scale inhibition and dispersion agent, corrosion inhibitor, biocide (including a sterilizing agent, sterilization and algae killing agent and disinfectant), flocculant, adsorbent, fire lotion, deoxidizer, fire foam agent, bleaching agent, activated carbon, ion exchange resin and the recent development of rapid water treatment by membrane and related chemicals and so on.
Water treatment chemicals include general chemicals and special chemicals.
Corrosion inhibition
General chemicals are mostly large inorganic chemical products, this kind of chemical products usually easy to get, such as no very flocculant alum (aluminum sulfate), aluminum salt and iron salt, sterilization and disinfection with chlorine (Cl2), adjusting the water quality pH worth all kinds of acid and alkali. Sometimes not seen as a category of water treatment chemicals.
Special water treatment chemicals is we focus on the main content, this group of chemicals is refers to the use of some amount is relatively small, high technology content, higher prices, alternative lower functional chemical products, many of which are complex products, such as scale inhibitor, dispersing agent, corrosion inhibitor, biocide, flocculant, cleaning agent, pre filming agent, fire foam agent and deoxidizer, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, water treatment with membrane and polymer, etc..
Water treatment chemicals with respect to general organic chemicals. It has many characteristics of fine and specialty chemicals, batch production of small, types, product replacement fast, high technology content, high added value, technology services is very important; alternative products between the poor, namely most products especially compound product specificity is very strong; but at the same time because these chemicals act directly in water or an indirect effect to waste water discharge and, therefore, a scholars water treatment chemicals industry it is attributed to the category of the environmental protection industry.

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