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Characteristics of water treatment chemicals

2015-06-23 03:05:50

A lot of water treatment chemicals use only a few to a few hundred mg / L, representing the customer products or operating cost ratio is low, but play its role is great, such as in the circulating water system input dozens of mg / L of the scale and corrosion inhibition agent can greatly reduced likelihood of circulating water system scaling, corrosion and breeding of bacteria and algae, improve the concentration ratio of circulating water system operation and water conservation, to extend the frequency of non planned parking, to ensure the safety of the water system, stable operation.

Corrosion inhibition

The role and benefit of water treatment chemicals in water treatment are very significant. Such as industrial circulating cooling water tjes corresponding water treatment chemicals, can ensure the water quality conforms to the conditions of use and ensure the stability of industrial production, high efficient and safe operation; colleagues concentration ratio increase can doctorfor saving precious water resources and related costs. Water treatment chemicals used in the life can improve the quality of drinking water, especially drinking water, reduce the potential damage to human and other organisms. The industrial wastewater, domestic sewage to get a reasonable and thorough treatment, in order to eliminate or reduce the pollution of the environment, the role of water treatment chemicals is irreplaceable.
Most of the water treatment chemicals sales profit margin is relatively high, which is also fierce competition, but to participate in this industry, but more and more enterprises are one of the reasons. But in recent years, with the popularity of the competition and related technology, information asymmetry reduction reason and this situation is changing, in some places even the "super low" prices of water treatment chemicals, a cause for concern.
Corrosion inhibition
Water hammer of the production of chemical products are mostly smaller, the device is small, many things using intermittent production mode, small quantities, many varieties, no obvious scale effect.
At present, almost all of the market to provide products product formula, on the one hand is used as little as possible varieties of chemicals to solve more problems. This is not only the requirements of the customers; another can play different monomer synergies and improve the pharmaceutical effect, this technology and reduction of the requirements. Especially our country region is vast, water industry and different, different water different process of water treatment chemical formula different and influence of formula on the properties of the products is very large, weak formulations difference often leads to great changes in the performance of the products.
To update quickly, need to update or improve product formulation in time according to the constant change of the downstream product. Great difference in application technology. Customer dependence on the relevant application technology services.
Production capacity, market competition is intense. The characteristics of domestic water treatment chemicals market performance is particularly evident in the industry lack of business leaders, lack of voice on the market, most enterprises are unable to build perfect sales channels, or lack of effective control of the channel.
Corrosion inhibition

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