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The application of adhesive mud remover in circulating water cooling system

2015-06-30 02:53:19

The operating condition of industrial circulating cooling water system is very suitable for microbial growth and reproduction, normal operation when the bactericide can control the growth of bacteria and algae, if the cycle water quality deterioration or occurrence of leakage of materials, greatly reduce the effect of fungicides for the control of micro biological, can not effectively control the microbial reproduction and slime of breeding. And process material leakage is a common phenomenon in the process of circulating water treatment, 85% of the devices are present in the phenomenon. Biological slime in circulating water system caused by the greatest harm is caused serious equipment corrosion and fouling, and my colleagues will reduce the heat exchanging effect, shorten the service life, increase the cost of water supply and so on, seriously affecting the normal operation of production equipment. So it is necessary to carry out the biological slime stripping and clear of the circulating water system.
Microbe sticky mud, also known as mud or sludge, is the cooling water system for heat exchanger, pipes, cooling tower, water tank etc. on the wall of the gelatinous precipitates. Slime deposition of water cooler heat exchange efficiency decline, if circulating water color, abnormal smell, excessive amounts of bacteria and slime and in detecting water cooler was deposited on the surface of the slime, infer that the microbial slime for major hazards.
Slime stripping mechanism: when the slime stripping agent into water, can quickly reach the biofilm surface, and viscous polymer reaction and reduce its viscosity. The product of the reaction can further role in microbial cell protein, protein denaturation, leading to cell death, destruction of the colony of microorganisms within the biofilm, play a role in the dissolution of biofouling.
At present, the circulating water system in the formation of biological slime, the usual approach is adding a surface active agent, biological dispersion agent, high concentrations of oxidized biocide and enzyme etc. for cleaning and stripping, the processing method of biological membrane even though it can play a certain role, but you cannot make the biofilm system has been completely stripped, sometimes improper operation, may also make the system flora in flood, Zi Shengda you for two years. Zaozhuang Dongtao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. developed a kind of high efficient adhesive mud remover, slime stripping agent DT-303, the stripping agent, high chemical stability, strong penetrate, dissolve, disperse, peeling performance, with high efficiency, water soluble and easy to use, safe and reliable. Treatment process does not affect the normal operation of the cooling water, and conventional surfactants compared to did not produce bubbles, cleaning time, quick, the equipment no corrosion, stripping and cleaning effect is excellent.
DT-303 adhesive mud remover is applied to the circulating water system to solve the corrosion problem of mud on the circulating water system.

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