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Sterilization and algae removal agent sales surge of investors to see the market efficiency is the most important

2015-07-02 02:02:58

2015 has passed a quarter, sterilization and disinfection of the agent is not always in the work of the shuffle. Many want to funded sterilization algicide professional, entrepreneurial city Kanguan have tightly Chuaizhuo hands silver, but do not know the package in which brand. Carry out according to the related sterilization and algae killing agent professional investors to carry out data analysis, the second half of 2015, disinfecting and killing algicide career will be toward the following several major trends; the sterilization algicide joined agents, distributors interpretation during which contains business opportunities, seize the development opportunity and desire to complete a wealth of. Trend, sterilization and algae removal agent occupation vision

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Investment advisor in the environmental protection career researchers Houyu Xuan pointed out that incidents of water pollution in China these years seizure frequency high every year in more than 1700, the high density of water pollution incidents safe drinking water to people caused great threat. Under this big premise, sterilization and algae removal agent needs to expand rapidly expanding, water purification equipment has become the focus of the competition of home appliances shopping malls. Disinfecting and killing algae occupational agents should be standardized another data show: in 2013, China sterilization algaecide agent company number of growth rate of 40~50.2006 2011 years, the annual output value of the water purifier from 1056 million upgrade to 2687 million, in 2013, China sterilization algae agent output of over 45 million units, estimated by 2018, sterilization killing algae agent output value is expected to near 1.5 million units. With the increasing water pollution, the sterilization and sterilization of the algae has been accelerated, and now the penetration rate of sterilization and sterilization in China is only 3~5, which is far lower than that of European and American households. 70. Now available to Quan Lu, beautiful, spring net, patio, China step sterilization algaecide agent ten big brands in the market highlights the advantage of more and more significant.
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Trend two, sterilization and sterilization of the professional direction will enter into the orderly development stage
Although Chinese sterilization algicide career experience in the development of the nearly 20 years, but has been because lack of national mandatory standard and relevant functional departments effective oversight, so professional in a soaring of the status quo, and from 2014 August 1 beginning, followed by new two GB landing, disinfecting and killing algicide career past scrimmage situation or will be gone forever. And consumers are well documented, request sterilization algaecide agent brand will continue to enhance the strength of their own. In the past, by the concept of speculation, Huangpo sell melon boast etc. speculative action living space is getting smaller and smaller. In this period, the selection of the strength of the brand cooperation will be a key factor in the success of the agents can not be one of the key factors.
Trend three: with a strong brand cooperation and win-win situation into shopping malls
According to incomplete statistics, only sterilization of algae and algae products company is beyond 1000. Living in such a there are towering trees, covered with thorns near brand jungle, poineering investment to be obvious to all, best method is with high brand counterparts.
China sterilization and disinfection of more than 3000 professional manufacturers, over five thousand brands in the state of the melee. According to understand, China ranked sterilization algaecide agent ten brand national brand AIA, active spread way of network construction, not only was an early advance the broad rural market, quickly entered the second and third level of shopping mall, and collaborative engineering, industry and trade in installed company collaboration dazzling achievements, and the large companies reached a strategic cooperation. This terminal extension, has now been completed from the consumer to the project a comprehensive cover up and promote.
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