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Comparison of PAC projects in China and Japan

2015-07-15 23:01:52

Chinese with calcium aluminate as basicity adjustment of raw materials. This is an original creation of China, is an important technological progress of PAC process. Calcium aluminate with diaspore China production of raw materials for the production of. In PAC production process, calcium aluminate at atmospheric pressure can rapidly increase of basicity at the same time, a substantial increase of alumina content, stable product, for the purification and reduce water residual aluminum has the unique effect. These properties is unique chemicals known at present and in the foreseeable future, calcium aluminate in PAC production will expand continue to use.
Japan, acid raw material: with China and Japan PAC production in the extensive use of industrial hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid mixture as raw material, as the technique measures for improving basicity. Japanese industrial hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid technology is better than china.
Aluminium raw materials: Japan PAC and aluminum sulfate production using industrial aluminum hydroxide as raw material.
Basicity modifier: calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate is generally.
Process flow and chemical reaction
Japan's mixed acid self heating reaction, calcium carbonate production process flow, PACS, in addition to the use of Japan, the technology is also transferred to more than a dozen countries.
China clay mineral, calcium and calcium PAC process is the most widely used in China's PAC process. The technology is in the application of China, its products have been moved to the world. The technology has been transferred to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Iran and other countries and regions.
China PAC production in a large number of the initial processing of minerals containing raw materials, including kaolinite mineral clay mineral, kaolin ore and gangue clinker, a water boehmite clinker and gibbsite, the ore itself spark machining process may be a small amount of heavy metal ions. In the fine processing conditions, although can reach the GB15892-2009 standard, but in the extensive production conditions, Pb, As indicators are likely to exceed.
The use of aluminum containing mineral processing, China is original, the development of PAC in China has played a great role in promoting. With the improvement of drinking water quality standards, in order to ensure the health and safety, it is suggested that the PAC should be gradually withdrawn from the market for drinking water.

With aluminum hydroxide as the main raw material for the production of aluminum containing PAC, the author in 1972 before the foreign research success, still in use. The production of aluminum hydroxide in the future will be mainly used for drinking water containing raw material coagulant.

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