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2015 Shanghai energy conservation publicity week press conference held in the city to promote clean energy alternative workers

2015-07-15 23:03:31

From 2012 to May this year, the city has completed a total of 3573 coal-fired boiler cleaning power, continued to walk in the forefront of the country. This is held yesterday in the 2015 Shanghai energy conservation propaganda week news briefing. It is reported that this year is the city and lax coal-fired boiler cleaning power instead of work last year, plan the end of 1964 boilers and industrial furnaces transformation; and on Saturday, the opening of the annual energy saving publicity week, the city will jointly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, held "Yangtze River Delta boiler cleaning power instead of induction solutions Exhibition", along the Yangtze River Delta to promote the boiler cleaning power instead of.
Coal fired industrial boiler is the first coal consuming equipment, is the primary source of pollution. In the meantime, small coal-fired boilers because there is no large enterprises desulfurization denitration dust environmental protection facilities, most of the direct discharge of pollutants, coal consumption (about 300 million tons of standard coal) not to 10% emissions accounted for the ratio is as high as 40%. Therefore, the city of small and medium coal fired boiler as the key points of the air action plan. The first 5 months of this year, the city to promote coal-fired (heavy oil) boiler cleaning power instead of 532 units, accounting for 27% of the whole year.
Since the calculation shows, since 2012 launched boiler cleaning power instead of, every year the city can cut the slack coal 1.8 million tons of standard coal, 288.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 2.4 million tons of sulfur dioxide, 1.4 million tons of nitrogen oxides, soot 0.8 million tons, boiler induction efficiency levels all increased by 28%, energy saving of about 55 million tons of standard coal.
Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission relevant responsible person said, this year is to wrap up end of the "Twelfth Five Year" energy-saving emission reduction policies, the city will be locked "industrial added value of energy consumption decreased 2.3% and the end of coal-fired boiler cleaning power instead of 1964" two major principles, actively build industrial energy efficiency monitoring channel, power management system, green parks founded three channels to ensure completion task policy.

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