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Chang Yuguang's "green power plant"

2015-10-07 21:38:27

Recently, in Lingchuan County, Jincheng County, East Village village, Chang Yuguang became a local public figure. Because he built up a "power plant" on the mountain of the village "!
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Stands in the mountains between the "Yuguang power plant", precisely called "distributed photovoltaic power generation project". The project was completed by the end of 4 this year, by 8 separate solar cell power generation units, each generating unit power generation capacity of about 30 kilowatts, a total of 250 kilowatts, is currently the largest Jincheng area of photovoltaic power generation.

Chang Yuguang is Lingchuan County East Valley Village villagers, because the brain alive, the local villagers in the eyes of a genius "". In February this year, he proposed to the Jincheng power supply company to build a small photovoltaic power station request, and by the Jincheng Electric Power Research Institute for planning and promotion. In these years, the development of new energy has been aimed at the use of a rich set of skills and experience. Received a project request, the IEA sent the strongest technical force, selection of standard operating procedures skills, only more than a month time is complete location, reporting for installation and acceptance of on grid and a series of operations, help Chang Yuguang round the "power of dreams".
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During the construction period, Jincheng city power economic research the best to all levels of government, near the public promote the use of new energy, let many mountains by the Association for the first time that the high-tech in the side.

Follow the State encourages photovoltaic power generation of the support policy rules continuous introduction and implementation. Similar "often Yuguang power plant" family of distributed photovoltaic power plants are constantly emerging. Reporters learned that, to the current, Jincheng City, distributed photovoltaic power generation projects smooth grid has 31, generating capacity of 545.9 kilowatts.

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