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What are the methods of conducting oil furnace cleaning?

2015-10-22 22:40:09

Heat conduction oil (organic heat carrier) as an excellent heat transfer medium, it has the characteristics of high temperature and low pressure, and high heat efficiency, uniform heat transfer, temperature control is accurate, and has a significant energy saving effect. But the heat conduction oil either synthetic or mineral oil type, they are organic compounds, alkanes, cycloalkanes and aromatic and its derivatives.

They in the hot oil furnace, under the condition of high temperature for a long time operation, cracking will occur, other technical material leaked into the heat conducting oil system corrosion products rust, into the overhaul and impurity contamination will promote coking of heat conduction oil. Coke is the enemy of oil boiler is the source of trouble, resulting in a fire, to avoid coking hot oil furnace is a very worthy of study questions. Because the heat conducting oil in any of the above defects, the solution is usually carried out cleaning and descaling.

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The following way is Shandong Kaidi chemical in the years of the stove clean process heap set some experiences, brief written as follows, for reference purposes only.

1, acid and alkali cleaning technology:

The corresponding goods: KD-L111 powder degreasing agent, KD-L412 acid detergent (at that time basically has eliminated use)

Principle: aqueous alkaline cleaner of oil temperature and carbon deposition treatment effect is outstanding, but after treatment test wall still remains fine graphite high temperature carbon deposition, thus must after further pickling to remove, to avoid residual carbon layer effect of heat conduction oil quality and effect of heat transfer. Alkali wash, clean two-step pickling technology for carbon deposits on the heat medium furnace and pipe, with cleaning rate high, low temperature clean, non-toxic, clean and low cost advantages. Although the method can remove the fouling layer, but the technology is different, there are acid and alkali corrosion, shorten the machine life, the formation of secondary pollution, and the heat conduction oil furnace parking, the impact on production.

2, composite cleaning agent cleaning technology:

KD-L312 heat conduction oil cleaner

Principle: composite cleaning agent mainly consists of several kinds of surface active agent in a synergistic effect of detergent, first on the surface of the grease, adsorption wet, swell and cleaning agents to infiltrate grease gap, oil and dirt in the composite cleaning agent effect gradually curling into a micellar emulsion, the pump continuous cycle scour the lax emulsified oil and dirt from the heat transfer surface. This cleaning agent can not only useful, lax broken coke, can efficiently dissolve organic hydrocarbons. Technology is simple, the basic equipment without corrosion, but this method will form a two pollution and must be in the case of parking clean, the impact of production.

3, solvent oil cleaning technology:

Corresponding commodities: KD-L212 heat conduction oil product carbon cleaning agent

Principle: because Coke fouling is a mainly in the organic composition of the clutter mixed dust, and metal surface adhesion is mainly physical adsorption of van der Waals force, choose "dissolved washing method, tar soluble in organic solvents, with dissolved organic matter and natural to get rid of. The cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning, and the temperature is not very high. The cleaning agent is treated with a clarification filtration, and an appropriate surface active agent and auxiliary agent can be used repeatedly. The residue can be incorporated into coal, which can reduce the cost and reduce environmental pollution. However, the cleaning agent is volatile, and the cost is high.

4, online increased cleaning agent technology: just to participate in the operation of the heat conducting oil in increasing agent, the coke loss, the heat-conducting oil furnace with filtration equipment, sludge filtration system processing, online cleaning effect.

Corresponding commodities: KD-L802 heat conduction oil online cleaning agent

Principle: increasing agent can capture the aromatic, hydrocarbon chain dehydrogenation and cracking and condensation reaction of coke group, inhibition of coking on the deterioration of heat conducting oil. Other, increase agent of some components of the dehydrogenation of coking and fused ring heavy aromatic cleansing ingredients, lax in the system, make its liquefaction and peeled off from the surface of the metal.

5, online correction and regeneration technology: in the running of the heat conduction oil system to participate in the increase agent, KD-L100 heat conduction oil correction machine, after chemical and physical two layer effect, complete the heat conduction oil online correction and regeneration.

Corresponding commodities: KD-L801 heat conduction oil correction agent

Principle: this increase in the use of similar phase of the principle of similar to the solution, the degradation of tar or tar scale degradation, to avoid the transformation of heat conduction oil. This method is not parking in the case of cleaning, increasing the ability of the high temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, dissolve in the heat conduction oil does not affect the chemical properties of heat conduction oil. In the meantime, the amount of KD-L801 heat conduction oil can not exceed 1% of the capacity of the heat conduction oil. Method is simple, cost savings, after removing the residue heat conducting oil can reuse, no pollution to the environment, is the trend of chemical cleaning method to clean the heat oil pipeline. (on the more severe system, claims to increase some KD-L802 heat conduction oil online cleaning agent, the amount can not exceed 3% of the capacity of the heat conduction oil.

Corrosion inhibition HEDP

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