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Power plant circulating water treatment chemicals in the application process by the following major categories

2015-10-28 22:05:52

Power plant circulating water treatment chemicals in the use of the following major categories:

Water treatment chemicals corrosion inhibition EDTMPS

1 sterilization agent: in the unit operation to increase the oxidation type sterilization agent. Oxidation type sterilization agent as a routine sterilization agent, the oxidation of the kind of agent equipment and equipment corrosion, so it is necessary to control the dosage, the use of chlorine in the control of 1mg/L is more safe, and need to control sterilization time. Non oxidizing type sterilizing agent also must increase in the unit operation process, generally in the spring and summer autumn three season, the monthly or seasonal impact investment,

2. The aggregate of ferric sulfate: the power plant uses the polymer ferric sulfate to treat different sewage. This power plant water treatment chemicals in water treatment has the advantages of technology and economic advantages, can deal with other chemicals to deal with the water consumption of large amount of dehydration and other questions, which largely reduces the cost of production and operation of enterprises. Special treatment of electroplating wastewater reuse is the most economical and applicable water treatment flocculant.

3 polymer aluminum chloride: the use of the first settlement before the experiment, to obtain the basic data, according to the experimental dose increase. The amount in the range of 30 ~ 120mg/L, running in the filter effluent or reagent. With water will be diluted by 1:5 share of the drug (solid pharmaceutical 1:15 dilution), the use of metering pump will be pumped into the concrete tower. Winter can increase the activity of the sludge, in order to increase the sedimentation effect.

4 compound scale corrosion inhibitor: before the operation of the unit, according to the amount of water once the industry circulating water commonly used chemicals, chemical concentration control in the 10mg/L, the unit operation in the increase: the 1:3 shares into the pharmacy, with water diluted, with a metering pump into the mixing, and then into the circulating pool. Control of circulating water in the organic phosphorus concentration is greater than or equal to 1.5mg/L, the timing of the circulating water for sewage. Copper ion concentration in the treated water, appropriate to increase the water soluble copper corrosion inhibitor to control.

Water treatment chemicals corrosion inhibition EDTMPS

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