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Huadian energy power plant: during the first half of this year

2015-11-04 21:49:02

"Pointing focus, catch popular, attack and difficult," Huadian Power Jiamusi power plant consolidating the foundation, to the work style of the "tigers of the division," and "stepping stone to leave mark" work, continue to strengthen company's Gen effect ability.

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Good thermal power plant has 77 years of plant history, the song "strength of our workers have" born. To inherit the new China's first generation of workers blood serve the country and a new era of central enterprises workers courage as energy, four months the company in accordance with the "guidelines of tubes, workflow criterion, performance pay the second revolution and distinguish some parts and institutions from scratch, the performance objectives for system put into operation of the network. After the implementation of a new model of performance for two months, responsibilities to further clarify, staff drive blazing, income of the company and the employees were increased significantly.

As the absolute main force in the local district heating in winter, the company is clear "broken bureau" to carry out the ideas, follow the group company "will heating plate to create a new profit growth point" instructions, set up in command of the director, Secretary of the thermal mall development leading institutions, invited the Northeast Electric Power Planning Institute in heat supply planning to carry out, held on-site heat, heating research will, promote water heater project launched, effort to carry out the direct heating market, ensure next year add 70.08 million heating area, from the heat source planning and development started, painted on the one hundred year plan.

Production system year beginning, revised standard format template comprehensive, from the source to control the onset of habitual violation. Companies to master production accounting rationality, controllability, determine the annual accounting objectives and control node, the way, establish covers power generation, coal consumption, standard coal price, plant electricity rate, direct heating three consumption etc. 20 main technical and economic indexes of the evaluation system, supervision of the production and business operation continuous optimization.

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