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Construction environment friendly enterprise of Jilin oil field thermal power plant

2016-01-21 21:15:05

Recently, Jilin oilfield thermal power plant invested more than 2900 yuan of safety and environmental risk management and energy saving projects after a pre test. Is in charge of the project said that this project is mainly to thermal power plant unit 1 DCS system of dangerous equipment were summarized management and a network of support and hanger for technological transformation. After the implementation of risk management and technical transformation projects, is expected to save the standard coal consumption of tons, saving 70 thousand cubic meters of water, add power generation capacity of 12 million 50 thousand kilowatt hours.

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Jilin Oilfield thermal power plant since 2000 the first units put into operation, always adhere to the "safety and environmental protection, excellent low, fall this synergism" strategy, carefully implement the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to create a saving Chuangxiao, environment friendly, safe to reconcile the good atmosphere. After the implementation of a series of measures, energy-saving emission reduction and reduce the efficiency of both work to get results.

Adhere to technological innovation and lay the foundation for reducing emissions

Thermal power plant is located in the South Bank of Songyuan region second Songhua River, was officially put into operation in 2002. Now, with 3 sets of 5 million kilowatts of power generation heating units and 8 sets of 220 tons / h boiler, the annual power generation 7.2 billion kilowatt hour, Internet consumption 5.5 billion kilowatt hours, the amount of heating 678 Wanji coke. This year, the Jilin oil field for the factory issued a saving of 4100 tons of standard coal, 70 thousand cubic meters of water saving; 1234.8 tons of sulfur dioxide control policy, sulfur dioxide reduction policy of 1653 tons of energy-saving emission reduction policy.

For effective implementation of energy-saving emission reduction program, the factory attaches great importance to the daily operation of the details of management, from every post, every worker, high standards and strict requirements, and constantly consolidate the basis for energy conservation and emission reduction operations. Make full use of favorable new, change, expansion of fuel gas projects, desulfurization projects, key, effectively using self-produced in Jilin Oilfield cleaning power, promote energy-saving emission reduction work deeply. Together, strengthen energy-saving emission reduction equipment to build, in the second phase expansion project, choose "new with old" approach to 1-6 boiler installation of 6 sets of desulfurization equipment and supporting the installation of three sets of flue gas on-line monitoring equipment in succession; in the third phase expansion project, a new two natural gas fired boiler and supporting the installation of a 2 set of flue gas on-line monitoring equipment in succession. Two sets of gas system launched, both dealing with the Jilin oil field natural gas production test engineering of downstream user acceptance, ensure the factory to implement the heating, electricity, and obviously reduce the power consumption and dust, sulfur dioxide and other waste gas emissions, for the factory smooth completion of the annual energy-saving emission reduction policy has laid a solid foundation.

Strict implementation of emission reduction rules and regulations, to strengthen the desulfurization equipment, flue gas line monitoring equipment operation and maintenance supervision and management, for the work of the factory to achieve outstanding results provide a guarantee. Since the year, the plant the reduction completion status and economic status accountability and safety fund prize hook, put an end to the illegal operation, eliminating the dangerous equipment, to ensure the stable operation of the desulfurization equipment and flue gas on-line monitoring equipment.

Strengthening performance appraisal to achieve full energy efficiency

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Strict control of fuel costs in the winter heating peak, has been an important way to achieve the effective management of the plant. Over the years, the factory in the purchase of coal in the process, always adhere to the "mine, mine, supplemented by coal policy and" double double "coal quality supervision system. In the heating peak, after the adoption of raw coal blending mixed with burning, and then the use of angry, after a reasonable use of power, improve the power. It is understood that the first 10 months of this year, a total of 150 thousand tons of raw coal, a decrease of 310 thousand tons.

Expand the value of the game, to promote the province of coal saving all started. Earlier this year, this factory contact operation position and state of repair, arrange set small goals, Internet consumption, oil pressure, reliability and no leakage and produced in the transaction value competition, led to the expansion of the work of saving energy and reducing consumption. The main production unit consumption policy has gradually improved, the unit design has reached the advanced level. To the end of 10, production cost reduction of 396.3 tons of diesel combustion year-on-year, 2.3 percentage points lower power consumption. Together, the plant is also in accordance with the requirements of production and production process technology request, all to promote a multi-purpose water, annual recycling of water has reached more than 60 million cubic meters

It is reported that this year, the plant scientific treatment, induction using thermoelectric production of solid waste, completed a win-win reduction and energy saving. According to statistics, since the beginning of the year, the factory has summarized the use of fly ash and desulfurization ash 9 tons, used to make bricks and paving. Entered in October, the factory is trying to eliminate ash storage yard, for the winter heating supply storage space.

Since the beginning of this year, the thermal power plant, uniform single furnace raw coal consumption costs reduced 6 tons, thermoelectric induction unit consumption compared to the same period reduce 4.65 kg / GJ, combustion supporting fuel costs compared to the same period cut 71 tons; sulfur dioxide emission reductions accounted for Songyuan City of sulfur dioxide total emission reductions of more than 86%. To this end, the people around the heart that: Songyuan city in recent years, the sky is more blue! The Songhua River water more clear!

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