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Beijing heating is about to start heating maintenance

2016-07-29 23:00:26

 The climate is cool and the heating season is coming in November. Recently, many readers to come to the consultation, heating test the water before we should do what preparation? How to prevent heating water leakage caused by lost it? Designed scientists claim and radiator some should be "smoothing" in, make sure to test the water retention can be. Bigualu can be booked in advance of a maintenance service, all check. Floor heating system of valve also can shift to an earlier date check, once found out and asked problems in time to contact a professional, do not delay heating for normal use.

"Hanging furnace
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Early clean gas consumption reduction
On to hanging furnace system. Townsend (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. Department of technical services division and Wang Junsheng thought, in before heating let professional home cleaning and maintenance. "The first is check all working parts is not positive often, the safety of boiler maintenance system is not normal, the only security normal does not show the trouble." If there is no doubt that, the boiler can operate normally, consumers do not have to worry about.
Clean bigualu refers to some of the carbon burning machine finishing, prevent gas consumption added. If the home in the use of hanging furnace burning clean hot water, the heat exchanger is simple scaling, about three years is necessary to clean heat exchanger or air consumption would add a great deal.
"A warm
Early inspection of various valves
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To warm the most worrying question is Water Leakage. China Construction Metal Structure Association for radiation heating is used for cold technical committee director, senior engineer Bao Hong Zhang owner to claim in front of the test, the self to warm each valve were examined.
Than such as after a winter and summer, heating and cooling later to check diversity water heater and heating pipe local connection is not loose, can be tighten up. Check valves are not able to be flexible. It is understood that the north Beijing citizens use the heating household metering and heating into their own small boilers two methods for gathering heating. If it is set with external heating circulating pump, the owners also check is not stuck pump. Some of the thermostat production goods, also check with thermal power valve actuator is not working properly. "If the heating process has been carried out, it is necessary to carry out a test of the heating coil." Once in the water before the discovery of a variety of questions, that the owners promptly seek professional assistance company.
In addition, when testing the water, the industry is not the first to see the system is full of water, there is no gas. "Because some gathered heating will only to the system filled with water, not home inspection, industry first check the drainage pipe is not gas."
Have to clean the filter heating
In the test before, if the house is set to warm the heating system, you can not forget to clean the filter. This system of hot water supply by outdoor heating stations or small boiler room, hot water will have some impurities or rust, a long time, will inevitably some of the rust, mud and impurities blocking the pipes, and then the effects of the indoor heating temperature. Zhang Baohong introduction, before testing the water, the owners can disassemble the filter, check whether there is blocked. If there is obstruction, be able to carry out cleaning. "Can find a professional company, it can be segmented scour."
Sure, you don't have to worry about the problem if you have a boiler in your home.
For the first time with slow heating heating
Need to remind, if to warm your home is this year just device, and winter after the first use, so should pay attention to slow warming. Experts suggest that due to an inability to ensure that the cement does not contain water vapor, in order to prevent the temperature increasing tidal gas rise caused floor deformation shall heating to warm the moderate control, to every two days the water temperature increase 5 DEG C, the drying step by step, until it reaches the gauge delimits the water temperature. Of course, after the use will not be so, one step can be.
Heat sink
Heating before the end of the transformation
On the convergence of heating District, if is decoration, and want to change the heating range, the best catch in the heating period before the end. Wang Junsheng, gathering heating area is a single line series, if during a wants to change the heating to the roof and downstairs valve turn off to construction. If the heating period, the climate is cold, so the operation of the impact of more households, large area, the owner of the heating period in the end of the heating period before the completion of the heating transformation.
Wang Jun survival tips, all don't change the heating pipeline heating period, to prevent the formation of Water Leakage is lost. If I catch up with the heating period, heating period can only stay after operation of some of the rest, to prevent useful influence has some. For decoration engineering, the original heating block and can not be the construction of the site can only be completed after the completion of the heating can be repaired, the whole project period is relatively later postponed.
When people can test the water to stay
Forum, it was argued on the use of long life of the heat sink for cleaning, Wang Junsheng thought that there is no need. "Normal circulating heating water has been done softening. Even if the water does not soften, resulting in pipe and radiator has scale, but also to the whole system occurred uniformly scale, light cleaning a heat sink is meaningless. "
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